Genome-wide analysis of CRISPR perturbations indicates that enhancers act multiplicatively and without epistatic-like interactions.

Jessica Zhou*, Karthik Guruvayurappan*, Hsiuyi V. Chen, Aaron R. Chen, Graham McVicker

bioRxiv preprint (2023)

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Deletion mapping of regulatory elements for GATA3 in T cells reveals a distal enhancer involved in allergic diseases

Hsiuyi V. Chen*, Michael H. Lorenzini*, Shanna N. Lavalle*, Karthyayani Sajeev, Ariana Fonseca, Patrick C. Fiaux, Arko Sen, Ishika Luthra, Aaron J. Ho, Aaron R. Chen, Karthik Guruvayurappan, Carolyn O’Connor, Graham McVicker

American Journal of Human Genetics (2023)

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